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Artwork of alien and technology

Change comes with one thought at a time. 

Whether it's refining your visual identity, creating rich cultural texts, or optimizing user experiences, our services empowers your business to navigate the intricate symbols and systems of signs, ultimately driving engagement, loyalty, and success in today's dynamic and evolving landscape.

Our Approach


To help with the process of cultural perception and local action regarding the planetary boundaries of the Anthropocene.


  • Co-development of a Subject and their environment  (physical reality and hyperreality)

  • Generation of meaningful cultural texts, and learning to read the environment as a text

  • Nature-based design solutions for non-human inhabitants of the environment


  • Modeling the paradoxical nature of reality and hyperreality

  • Analysis of semiotic components for an environment

  • Meta-communicative functions for DAU systems

  • User experience (UX)

  • User interface (UI) analysis

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My Approach
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Areas of Expertise

Semiotic Consulting

Semiotic consulting is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to unlock the power of signs, symbols, and cultural context in their strategies. Our expert consultants leverage the science of semiotics to provide businesses with unique insights into how signs and symbols impact consumer behavior, brand perception, and communication effectiveness. By decoding the hidden meanings in your branding, marketing, and product design, we help you craft more resonant and culturally relevant messages. Our consultative approach extends to organizational culture as well, assisting in aligning your internal communication with your brand identity. 

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving approach that has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness in driving innovation and enhancing business outcomes. At its core, design thinking prioritizes empathy, encouraging businesses to deeply understand the needs and perspectives of their customers or users. It then leverages creative brainstorming and iterative prototyping to develop innovative solutions that address these needs. This process fosters a culture of collaboration, experimentation, and adaptability, ultimately leading to the creation of products, services, or processes that resonate with users and drive competitive advantage. In essence, design thinking is a powerful tool for businesses to navigate complex challenges, uncover hidden opportunities, and deliver solutions that are not only functional but also delightfully user-centric.

Organizational Planning & Development

By applying semiotic principles, companies can gain a deeper understanding of how objects, symbols, signs, and language shape perceptions, communication, and culture within their organization. This knowledge empowers businesses to create more effective branding, marketing, and communication strategies that resonate with their target audiences. Furthermore, semiotics aids in decoding the hidden meanings and cultural nuances that influence consumer behavior, enabling companies to make informed decisions about product design, packaging, and user experience. Overall, integrating semiotics into organizational planning and development fosters a more nuanced and culturally sensitive approach, allowing businesses to connect more authentically with their stakeholders and adapt to ever-evolving market landscapes.


Let's Talk!

Reach out to us if you are looking for expert assistance in understanding how a defined target audience interprets and responds to different signs and symbols, and if you also need customized models and analyses that are specifically tailored for the design process of deliberate acts and intentionality.

Contact us by phone or email to arrange a time for a 30-minute free consultation to learn more about the services and expertise that are available. We can discuss design outcomes to meet your specific needs and goals to determine the best course of action.

Tel: +372 5374 5833

Tartu, Estonia 51007

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