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sky in Tartu

Semiotic Walking Tours of Tartu

Explore the Significance of Semiotics and Tartu

The walk complements Tartu's story of thought and interpretations, which would speak to both locals and visitors who live here for a shorter period of time or are passing through.

Our tours go beyond traditional education by providing a unique perspective on the city, treating the urban landscape as a text waiting to be deciphered. By joining our tours, you'll gain a heightened awareness of the intricate systems of meaning embedded in the city of Tartu, uncovering hidden treasures that exist right before your eyes.

Entrance for the main building of University of Tartu

By perceiving Tartu’s urban landscape as a text, you'll awaken your senses for perception, ignite cultural memory, and unlock the ability to envision and shape the urban environment of tomorrow.

Tartu's Semiotic Walking Tour is a captivating experience designed for both locals seeking a profound and enduring bond with their hometown, as well as visitors intrigued by the city's rich cultural tapestry. 

The tour consists of a two-hour long journey that unveils the hidden layers of Tartu's culture. Our tours are thoughtfully crafted in both Estonian and English, ensuring a delightful experience for all participants.

The tour offers participants a truly unique, meaningful, and enlightening perspective on the process of interpreting and unraveling the city's hidden meanings.  

walking tour location in Tartu, Estonia. Located on Toomemägi in late summer.

One of the tour stops on Toomemägi

We welcome you to read the city as a text with us, experiencing its stories and uncovering hidden narratives. Through the dialogue and co-creation that unfolds within the urban space, our minds are enriched with a tapestry of thoughts, memories, emotions, and boundless imaginations. Imagination takes center stage, empowering you as the interpreter and participant to reflect on Tartu's rich past, while also co-creating a meaningful vision for its future. 


Join us as we explore the depths of Tartu's narrative, nurturing dialogue with its cultural environment and embracing the transformative power of imagination.  


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Experience a journey uncovering the systems of meaning in Tartu, the 2024 European Capital of Culture.


Explore the rich cultural heritage of Tartu while gaining first-hand experience of the fascinating concept of urban semiotics. 

Meet the Tour Guides

walking tour location near library in Tartu, Estonia

Tour Guide (English language)

Alec Kozicki

My personal experience from the semiotics course I received during my undergraduate studies in the USA made me move to Tartu to continue my studies, where I did a master's degree in semiotics. I stayed in Tartu because of my growing passion for semiotics, I fell in love with Tartu - the city of good thoughts - the intellectual environment and cultural meaning within Tartu is something that makes this city truly unique.

I have lived in Tartu for over three years now and I am a second-year PhD student at the semiotics department, and researches the design of interoperable techno-living spaces. In addition to my thesis, I am engaged in cultural psychology research, studying the concept of power from an individualistic perspective, and I am also a co-researcher focusing on the process of inner speech during the interpretation process of artistic texts.


Tour Guide (Estonian language)

Märt Mannik

I am a 2nd year master's student in semiotics and cultural sciences. What brought me back to the university was the desire and passion to connect the rich tourism experience of almost 20 years with the interpretation possibilities and theories of semiotics and to deal with the development of the methodology of excursions and more generally with the conceptualization of teaching materials for a modern school in the humanities such as history and others. The theories and concepts of semiotics enable a cross-disciplinary and coherent approach to teaching, mediation and the creation of educational materials.

My experience in tourism started as a tour guide during university and continued in the roles of tour guide, bike guide, tour guide and tour operator.

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